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Below is a listing of some of the most popular courses we provide. If you don't find what you need here, we can locate a speaker, trainer or seminar leader on just about any topic. We can also assist your training department in developing a training program that you can administer.

Time Management

Workplace Violence

Certified Professional Trainer

Powers of Observation

Employee Recognition

Driving to Survive

Emergency Response to Terrorism

Media on Scene

Course Title: If You Don't Have Time

Course Subject: Time Management

Who Should Attend: Good for any level

Course Length: 2 to 3 hours

Course Summary: Taken from the book "If You Don't Have Time" by Ron Moore, the course provides 15 tips to improve your management of time. No matter is you use these tips for work or for your leisure time, you will find this useful. Great seminar for meetings of middle manager and up. The seminar provided by the author.

Keywords: time, management, seminars


Course Title: Workplace Violence: It Could Happen Here

Course Subject: Workplace violence prevention and education

Who Should Attend: All supervisors and levels of management

Course Length: Flexible: 2 hours to one day

Course Summary: What sexual harassment was to the 90s, workplace violence is becoming the hot topic of this decade. This course looks at the needs for policies, prevention, recognition, and training in a subject that way too many companies do not provide enough attention. Large judgments are being given in courts all over America in this area. Biggest given for these judgments was the lack of efforts showed in prevention and training.

Keywords: violence, workplace, management, seminar, training


Course Title: Certified Professional Trainer (CPT)

Course Subject: Certification for trainers and seminar providers

Who Should Attend: Any current trainer or seminar provider or anyone interested in becoming a trainer, seminar provider or presenter.

Course Length: 2 and days

Course Summary: This course is provided in public settings and for individual on sites. The course was designed and created by the American Training & Seminar Association. It provides the tools and techniques required to be an effective trainer. For people in the seminar and consultant industry it provides resources and knowledge needed to compete and be profitable in the industry.

Keywords: training, seminars, trainers, certification


Course Title: The Power of Observation

Course Subject: Learning to See People, Places and Things

Who Should Attend: Police, Private Investigators, Reporters

Course Length: Flexible: 3 hours class

Course Summary: This course will show the attendees how to look at their surrounding differently and report and explain what they see. It will help people to outline things they want to see during reporting or investigations.

Keywords: observations, investigations, training, seminars, reporting


Course Title: Employee Recognition Programs

Course Subject: How and why to develop an employee recognition program

Who Should Attend: All supervisors and levels of management

Course Length: Flexible: 4 hours to a full day

Course Summary: With the ever-challenging needs to recruit, hire and keep employees, employee recognition is a very important topic for all in management. Employee surveys show the lack of recognition and involvement is the biggest reason for dissatisfaction on the job and the reason for changing employment. Companies who have improved their employee recognition program have found better productivity, less absenteeism, and less turn over. What are you waiting on?

Keyword: employees, employer, recognition, management, seminars


Course Title: Driving to Survive

Course Subject: Defensive / Attentive Driving techniques

Who Should Attend: Young drivers and fleet drivers

Course length: 4 hours

Course Summary: There are two groups of drivers that are particularly at risk on the roads: Young, inexperienced drivers and corporate/fleet drivers who put in so many hours behind the wheel that accidents are more frequent. Course materials include handouts, videos and directed discussion.

Keywords: driving, safety, accidents


Course Title: Emergency Response to Terrorism

Course Subject: Preparation for the event of a terrorist attack

Who Should Attend: Emergency management and responders

Course length: 8 hours

Course Summary: This couse is designed for Emergency Management personnel as well as emergency responders to give them valuable information to help in being prepared fr the eventuality of a terrorist attack. Most EMAs are well-prepared for natural disasters, but woefully unprepared for acts of terrorism. It is a real threat, and must be faced.

Keywords: emergency, terrorist, bombing, NBC


Course Title: Media on Scene

Course Subject: How to Handle the Media on a crime/accident scene

Who Should Attend: PIOs and other public service officers.

Course length: 8 hours

Course Summary: The media can get in the way of emergency responders and investigators on a crime/accident scene. This course is designed to not only mitigate these problems, but also teach the officer how to use the media to their advantage. The media can not only be handled, but made useful as well.

Keywords: Media, emergency, investigations, broadcast, print


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