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All New ON-Line Seminars and Classes

The best way for your company to stay on top is to keep your managers, supervisors, and employees trained. National Resource & Training Services has full stable of  highly trained and skilled seminar providers and trainers available for your training needs.

We can customize seminars to fit your specfic needs and present them on site or at off campus site.

From legal issues, to ethics, to efficiency, we have a course of study to keep your employees up to date with what's going on in the business world.

Whether your training is in the form of in-service or occasional brush-up courses, your needs are met and exceeded by our friendly, dedicated staff of seminar leaders ... all of whom are experts in their fields of instruction.

Consult our Catalog of Courses to find just the right seminar to fill your needs. Can't find it? Ask us. We'll find the appropriate expert and customize a course to your needs.


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